• My work ethic is to get projects completed on time and within budget.
  • I believe in being part of the project as well as delegating roles of the team.
  • An effective and creative problem solver capable of completing the job.
  • A Digital Media & Communication Specialist who’s creative style and professional guidance inspires others to action.
  • Experience with Content Management and various CMS software.
  • I am a team player and support the leadership team.


  • Married for 13 years to Fran, the IT Queen.
  • Father of 3 children and 3 pugs (that’s a full-house).
  • My children are my greatest achievement.
  • I love my hometown teams! I am an Eagles fan…but married a Cowboys fan.
  • A true love of cooking Italian food (and eating it).
  • An appreciation for Meteorology.
  • An active member of my community.