Professional Attributes

Media Specialist and Content Management.

How it all began…

2/1993Embarked on an opportunity to work 2nd shift in New York as a design & media specialist. Worked with various digital platforms including PC, Mac and Quantel systems.

1/1994Contracted at WCAU-TV. Launched EarthWatch Digital Weather platform. We turned heads, competed in ratings and learned about the television news industry.

9/1996Contracted with the CNBC Creative Services Team. Designer of news graphics and animations. Designer of graphics for the Geraldo Rivera Show.

11/1998Hired as Senior Graphic Designer at FOX Television.  Designer or graphics and animations for ‘Good Day Philadelphia’ AM variety show. Trained staff and had fun.

4/2000Joined as Web designer and developer. Learned about server technology and code. 9/11 changed everything.

4/2002 Joined CBS-3 as Graphics Coordinator, Digital Designer, Animator, Weather Producer and Department Manager. A real ‘jack-of-all’ trades.

9/2005Joined Sungard as Communications Manager. Worked exclusively with the Sales President to develop his sales communications and promotions.

9/2007Joined Hay Group as Digital & Media Specialist. At Hay Group, I became a Producer/Editor of all multi-media communications. CMS editor for Global Marketing. True hybrid role where I worked with Executive, HR, IT and Marketing Teams.

9/2015 – Contractor at Comcast. Content Manager utilizing Sitecore CMS

2/2016 – Contractor at Talen Energy. Content Manager utilizing Sharepoint & Sitecore CMS. Presentation designer and web development.

8/2016Contractor at FOX-29 as Web Producer . Content editor utilizing the Lakana CMS software. Video editor and writer working all shifts. 

10/2016Placed at Merck as Content & Graphic Manager utilizing SDL Tridion CMS architecture and eCatalog site content. Managing brand information gathering, assigning metadata taxonomy, and structuring architecture of CMS.